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Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Policy

Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Policy


To establish standards for the safe operation and use of Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles at the University of Dayton (University).  Departments at the University provide Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles to employees so that they may fulfill their job-related duties.  Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles are used to transport equipment and people, patrol the campus grounds and for campus maintenance activities.


This policy establishes consistent standards regarding:

1.  Vehicle Operating Standards

2.  Department & Driver Responsibilities

3.  Operator Requirements & Standards

4.  Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Condition and Standard Safety Features, and

5.  Accident Reporting Procedures

Policy History

Effective Date: January 2008

Approval:  January 25, 2016

Policy History: 

  • Approved in original form: January 2008
  • Approved as amended: January 25, 2016

Maintenance of Policy:  Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, Department of Environmental Health & Safety, and the Department of Public Safety


(a)  “Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle” is defined as a four-wheeled non-licensed low-speed vehicle. 


Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles owned or leased by departments at the University may only be used for official department/University business by employees, student employees and University approved volunteers who are associated with a University department. Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles may not be used for personal business such as unauthorized home-to-office travel, which will be considered vehicle misuse.

No privately-owned golf carts or utility vehicles may be operated on University property.

Drivers must be certified University drivers and have knowledge of and compliance with applicable state laws, rules, regulations and policies. Noncompliance may result in suspension of user privileges.

All Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles owned by the University must be registered through the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance (ARC) to obtain an official University vehicle sticker.  The information needed for registration is the year, model, serial number, the department and account number.


A.  All new Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle acquisitions (new, used or  remanufactured) must meet the minimum safety features found in National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHSTA), Standard 500 (49 CFR Part 571.500), hereafter "Standard 500." A copy of Standard 500 will be made available from EHS/RM upon request.

  •  Short-term event rentals may be exempt from some of these equipment standards, i.e., UD logo and  after-market devices such as the slow-moving sign, but must meet general safety standards. 

B.  The following equipment is required to be present and operational on all Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles.  For existing vehicles, completion date for the required equipment will be one year from the policy approval date.

  • Emergency brake
  • Horn/audible warning device
  • Ignition shutoff/security systems
  • Slow-moving vehicle safety triangle on rear of vehicle
  • Warning lights on front and rear of vehicle OR top mounted strobe light
  • Equipment tie-downs appropriate for load
  • Lights (head, tail, brake) if vehicle will be used in the dark
  • Department name to be identified clearly on vehicle in three-inch minimum letters and to include UD logo
  • Mirrors if cargo or other equipment blocks rear vision
  • Backing alarm


  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle operators must yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles shall observe all vehicle traffic laws i.e. stopping at stop signs, etc.
  • Use of stereo headphones is prohibited while operating the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles.
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles shall not be operated in a manner that may endanger passengers, other members of the campus community or property i.e. no driving on landscaping, bumping into bollards, etc.
  • The number of passengers and load capacity shall not exceed the manufacturer’s rated limit (number of seats equals number of passengers.)
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles are restricted to streets, sidewalks and paths on the University campus, please do not drive on the grass. Designated primary routes are to be used whenever possible. Utility vehicles are not to be operated on city-owned streets.
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles can only be parked on hard covered surfaces and must not block any entrances to buildings, stairways, ramps, fire lanes (including fire equipment) or thoroughfares.
  • Operators must reduce speed to match other users on all streets, sidewalks, and paths. In crowded pedestrian areas, operators must proceed at a slow walking pace. 
  • Operators are prohibited from operating carts inside, under, or through the confines of University buildings.


All operators must receive department specific fueling instructions when applicable and all vehicles must be charged and stored in approved sites. Each of these designated sites will take into account machine specific hazards for life safety, fire safety (flammability of fuel, off-gassing from battery charging, etc.) and the security of the vehicle.


A.  Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Maintenance Responsibility

  • Each Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle operator is responsible for providing timely notification of safety and maintenance concerns to the supervisor of the department to which the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle is registered.
  • Supervisors will be responsible for seeing to the timely repair of such concerns and if the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle cannot be operated safely without said repairs taking place, the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle will be taken out of service until the repairs are completed.
  • The department of ownership is responsible for the cost of maintenance and the appearance of the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles (no dents, dings, cracked fenders, etc.) 
  • The department of ownership is responsible for the cost of repairing damage to the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle caused by regular use and/or any accidental damage. 

B.  Accident Reporting Process

All accidents involving a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles will be reported immediately to the supervisor of the department to which the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle is registered and a Public Safety Incident Report filed. Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance must be notified within 24-hours of the accident or the next business day or driving privileges may be suspended, regardless of whether property damage or personal injury occurred.  

Reference Documents

  1. Vehicle Use and Drivers Certification Policy

Applicable Regulations

  1. National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHSTA)
  2. Standard 500 (49 CFR Part 571.500)

For questions relating to the University policies of Audit, Risk and Compliance please contact:

Robin Oldfield, Assistant Vice President- Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance