Policy on the University Academic Catalog (Bulletin)

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To provide a directive resource and historical record detailing specific information about the University’s academic areas and the programs and courses they offer.

Policy History

I. Effective Date: November 22, 1993

II. Approval: March 18, 2014

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form: November 22, 1993
  • Approved as amended: June 26, 2000
  • Approved as amended: March 18, 2014

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Office of the Provost


The Academic Catalog is used by administrators, faculty, students and governmental and accrediting bodies.


The Academic Catalog is the official document of the University concerning academic programs, policies and procedures. It serves as the official statement of academic policies under which the University operates internally as well as a historical document that provides information regarding academic offerings, policies, grading standards, graduation requirements, etc.

The Academic Catalog outlines the terms of the academic relationship between the student and the University, which the University reserves the right to change as it deems necessary or desirable.

Further, the Academic Catalog serves as a published reference of official information for the benefit of other academic institutions, for State and Federal agencies, and for prospective and enrolled students.

Reference Documents

1. University of Dayton Academic Catalog