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We all have different Faith journeys

By Dilcie Ferrera

How many times have we heard the phrase “God’s plan is not our own”? What do you do when God’s plan is different from your plan?

I received an invitation from my parish to take a catechist training program online through the University of Dayton's Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation. I must admit, I didn’t know a thing about the VLCFF.

Despite the fact that English isn’t my first language (born and raised in Honduras), I’ve always felt extremely comfortable and welcome. In fact, there are online classes in Spanish, too. It’s also convenient that all courses are virtual, meaning I can work from the comfort of my home. I’ve also learned a lot from my classmates, as we all have different faith journeys.

Through it all, I’ve learned the richness of our Catholic Church. I’ve absorbed how the Church can support people living with mental illnesses and welcome them into a non-judgmental environment; all learned from the master catechist, Jesus Christ.

The VLCFF classes have definitely given me a broader perception on the involvement of the Church in current issues. It’s expanded on what other dioceses are doing to address the issues and how we, as catechists, can implement them into our parish community.

It’s been about six months since I’ve started this new online venture. I would’ve never imagined connecting with people from the United States and around the world about faith, a favorite subject of mine.

There are no barriers, no walls or no borders able to separate us. After the pandemic, we have resurfaced with new opportunities, therefore, we need to answer God’s call more than ever. We just need to trust in Him and His plan. 

Dilcie Ferrera is married with two daughters and serves as catechist and minister at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Diocese of Hamilton in Canada. The VLCFF online is year-round, with three-and five-week courses in English, Spanish and Arabic, plus certificate programs, diaconate courses and more. For 2023, see the schedule and list of courses.

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