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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

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Students and Campus Life February 07, 2020
Core Integrated Studies Program welcomes 94 new students in fall 2019

Fall semester brought new experiences for many first-year students beginning with attendance at the annual First Year Arts Immersion.

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Students and Campus Life February 06, 2020
Students in the Business, Ethics and Environmental Sustainability community enjoy fall 2019 events
The new BEES took advantage of September's warm weather to flit from one outdoor event to another. Attendance at two baseball games - a Clodbuster (1860s baseball) game) and the Dayton Dragon’s final game of the season - provided a backdrop for a guest lecture by Tony Capizzi (the Dayton lawyer most responsible for bringing the minor league team to the city at the turn of the century). His talk revealed the role of the Dragons in jumpstarting the rejuvenation of Dayton’s downtown, what economists term "positive spillover."
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Campus and Community March 01, 2019
The Curiosity in the Classroom Experience

CIC coordinator Said Elhamri (PHY) recently received a note from a student from his fall 2018 class which perfectly describes the spirit in which the ILLC was designed.


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Students and Campus Life February 28, 2019
Exploring the Great Miami with BEES
This year’s students in the Business, Ethics and Environmental Sustainability (BEES) community spotted some wildlife while rafting on the Little Miami River.
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Students and Campus Life February 07, 2019
WISE Cookout 2018
The WISE ILLC cookout on August 26 was a huge success.
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Students and Campus Life February 05, 2019
WISE Thanksgiving
In the midst of one of the most exhausting weeks of the semester, the WISE women were given a wonderful night filled with delicious food, "family time," and a break from studying to help get us through the week.
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Students and Campus Life February 05, 2019
Women in Science and Engineering
When applying to college, I realized I was about to venture on the most important four years of my life.
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Students and Campus Life October 18, 2018
CORE Fall 2018
The Core Integrated Studies Program welcomed 115 new students in fall 2018.  Now well into the first semester, coursework is in full swing and students recently completed the legendary, first Core exam—a major milestone for most students and faculty alike
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Experiential Learning March 12, 2018
BEES: Business Ethics and Environmental Sustainability
Autumn may have sedated non-human bees, but UD’s BEES population flitted from activity to activity.  Our opening sally was a scavenger hunt in downtown Dayton, provided by UPDayton and the Downtown Dayton Partnership, a sweetener offered by former UD graduate A.J. Ferguson.
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Teacher Education January 18, 2018
Curiosity in the Classroom
A great opportunity, the Curiosity in the Classroom (CIC) Integrated Learning Living Community (ILLC) is devoted entirely to education majors. This program, which is jointly supported by the School of Education and Health Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences, brings faculty members from the departments of Teacher Education, Physics, and Geology to work together toward a common goal: empowering our education majors.
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