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School of Business Administration

The SBA's Career Flight Plan Takes Off

The University of Dayton's School of Business Administration proudly announces its newest initiative for pre and post-graduation student success - the Career Flight Plan. This groundbreaking series of three one-credit courses is thoughtfully designed to guide business majors in exploring potential career paths, cultivating essential professional skills, and shaping their professional goals for a triumphant future. Over a span of three years, the courses will deliver comprehensive support, foster growth, and equip students for success beyond their graduation.

School of Business Administration faculty and staff thoughtfully crafted and honed the Career Flight Plan over two years before the first course, BIZ 103, was offered officially in Spring 2024 to all SBA first-year students. The first Career Flight Plan course responds to students' imperative focus on vocational and career topics, catering to their aspirations and calling, presenting a structured approach to uncovering their vocational fit early in their academic journey, which extends throughout their tenure at the SBA.  

Matthew Little, the Director of Internships & Corporate Relations at the School of Business Administration and the course coordinator for BIZ 103 and the second Career Flight Plan course BIZ 202, notes the Career Flight Plan was designed with a deep understanding of today's career-focused student demographic. "This generation of students is career-focused. They're also inundated with information and opinions through social media. The Career Flight Plan is designed to help them listen to their own voices and begin discerning their professional callings. The courses help them develop the tools and skills they need to successfully pursue those callings through future business internships and competitive full-time offers. It's career development rooted in our Marianist values."

The Career Flight Plan consists of three courses spread across a student's first three years in the School of Business Administration:

  • Year 1, Semester 2: BIZ 103 - Develop Your Vocation and Career Flight Plan
    • Personality and strength assessments
    • Exploring career interests and objectives
    • Professional skills development (attire, networking, LinkedIn, resume)
  • Year 2, Semester 1: BIZ 202 - Career Flight Takeoff
    • Internship and job search strategies
    • Crafting cover letters and mastering interviews
    • Workplace expectations for internships
  • Year 3 : BIZ 301 -  Successfully Navigating Your Career Flight Plan
    • Evaluating job offers and negotiating salaries
    • Workplace behaviors and conflict resolution skills
    • Personal financial literacy for college graduates

The Career Flight Plan embodies the University of Dayton's holistic educational approach by extending beyond career concerns. Students actively participate in service projects within the Dayton community, reflecting on their experiences and reporting on their service.

The University of Dayton's School of Business Administration eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of the Career Flight Plan on students. With this initiative, our students will be well-prepared to soar to new heights in both their academic and professional pursuits, embracing a future filled with promise and potential.

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