Fitness Staff

Group Fitness Instructors

Ashley returns yet again for her third year of teaching at the RecPlex and final semester bringing you Zumba and Zumba Toning! Hailing from Maryland, Ashley is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Social Work. A dancer since the age of 3, Ashley loves flash mobs and is on the UD Dance Team. She will jet off to Tanzania in September to volunteer in Kilimanjaro and hopes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro while she is there!

A senior Middle Childhood Education major, Kelly has been teaching SPINNING, Butts and Guts, and Sizzlin’ Abs year-round since her junior year. She once took unicycling as a 4 H project; during judging, Kelly still could not unicycle but still received an A on the project! Must be that curly-haired charm... Kelly has completed three half marathons and a sprint triathlon. Future ambitions include running a marathon in the next two years, and of course, getting a teaching job.

New to the group this semester is Ali! A junior Public Relations major and certified in PiYo by Powder Blue Productions, Ali is bringing a brand new class to the program: Strength Yoga! A native New Yorker, Ali plans to return to New York City as an event planner and then move to suburbia after the NYC rush gets old. Fun fact: Ali once played an instrument that seems bigger than her, the tuba!

Haley returns for her second semester and is going full steam ahead! With an AFAA Primary Group Exercise certification under her belt, Haley has CSI, Butts & Guts, Sizzlin’ Abs, and Total Body Blast classes in her line-up. A sophomore Dietetics major from Toledo, Ohio, Haley has been named “Workout Barbie” because of her blonde hair and obsession with the color pink. Also addicted to coffee and ‘to-do’ lists, Haley is on her way to becoming a Pediatric Dietitian and to always teach fitness classes of course!

 You may remember her from the sidelines of UD Arena cheering the Dayton Flyers to victory, here is Gina! Gina received her undergraduate degree from UD and is now pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy also at UD. With a strong background in coaching and taking gymnastics and an AFAA Primary Group Exercise certification, Gina brings a dynamic wealth of talent to her Butts and Guts classes. Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader: Gina still loves UD basketball as well as Adam Sandler movies. Gina hopes to work with athletes as a physical therapist upon graduation from PT school in 2014.

Imported straight from Houston, Texas, Catherine is here for her seventh and final semester of teaching Group Fitness at UD. Don’t let her size fool you - Catherine has taught everything from TurboKick, CSI, and Butts and Guts, to TBB, Spinning, and Sizzlin’ Abs. With an All-Star Instructor and TurboKick certification, Catherine has a huge passion for Group Fitness and even been asked if she has a bed at the RecPlex. It is not uncommon to find straws in Catherine’s coffee mug (re-filled often during her day) and marshmallows in her book bag (with an occasional marshmallow shooter). In the future, Catherine hopes to attain a job to put her Civil Engineering degree to good use, run the Great Wall of China Marathon, and stay involved with Group Fitness classes.

She was very active in gymnastics and joined a competitive performance jump rope time since third grade. She was a member of Team USA at the World Championships in 2006 in Toronto and in 2008 in South Africa. She has competed in and instructed workshops across the world. She is Sarah! A senior Exercise Physiology and Pre-physical Therapy major, Sarah teaches Total Body Blast. Sarah may be one of the most indecisive persons you will ever meet but she has decided that a trip to Daytona with friends, DPT school, and travelling will occupy her time after graduation.

She loved it so much, she is back for more! Former UD Varsity soccer player and current Exercise Science graduate student, Lindy is back teaching CSI! Never able to stay still, Lindy is constantly training and currently competes in CrossFit competitions. In her second life, Lindy wants to be a singer and a dancer (Simon Cowell may have some objections). But in real life, Lindy is working towards owning her own CrossFit gym and being a personal trainer for kids with disabilities.

Insanity! Check. Rebecca has completed both P90X and Insanity, and is currently doing P90X2! If that was not enough, Rebecca is wrapping up her final semester as a Mechanical Engineering major. Rebecca has been teaching Zumba for four years now, loves every minute of it, and will get you to love every minute of it too! The energy in her class is unstoppable. Rebecca’s future includes job and house hunting and planning a wedding to the “best man on the planet!!”

All the way from India, Vamsi brings a wealth of knowledge with him. Vamsi has a Physical Therapy undergrad and is currently pursuing a Masters in Exercise Science concentrating on Sports and Fitness Management. An Exercise Specialist and Yoga certified, Vamsi encourages everyone to relax, unwind, and recharge in his Yoga classes offered 3 times a week. Vamsi hopes to become a Rehabilitation Therapist after graduating.

An avid triathlete and certified Spinning instructor who will make you smile during a most grueling workout, Paige has completed 4 half marathons and 3 Olympic Triathlons. With eyes on a first half Ironman in Michigan this summer and her first full marathon in October, Paige has a lot to be excited for and that shows in every single Spinning class she teaches. She makes sure to schedule her Spinning classes around her favorite show: The Price is Right. Get as much as you can from Paige as she plans to graduate in December and go on to get her Doctorate degree in Physical therapy while teaching Spinning wherever she goes.