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About the Department

We prepare students for successful professional careers, providing high-quality educational programs in accounting in an environment that connects learning, leadership and service. Our department develops distinctive graduates who are truly ready to contribute and make a positive impact in their work and their lives — it’s our mission.

We expect our students, faculty and administrators to uphold high standards of integrity and ethical behavior. In the Marianist tradition, we provide an educational environment that develops the student as a whole person prepared to enter and grow throughout a productive professional, societal and personal life.

Our focus is clearly on the students. We believe this focus best meets the broad objectives of key stakeholders, including those in the accounting profession. We recognize that stakeholders have additional objectives, and we are particularly cognizant of the needs of graduate students and the critical role of employers. 

The educational program in accounting includes both curricular and extracurricular components designed to emphasize the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for life-long learning and success in today's business climate. The undergraduate degree prepares students for numerous professional accounting careers, in both the private and public sector. Our graduates also excel in career paths where an accounting education adds significant value – such as law and finance.

We have a perfect solution for students who wish to complete the 150-hour CPA exam requirement — combine our undergraduate degree program with our innovative MBA program and complete them both in five years. You can also add an optional graduate concentration in accounting.

Our graduates are in high demand and have exceptional career opportunities.