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Advisory Boards

Alumni and business professionals provide input and help direct the School of Business Administration through influential programs offered by the Business Advisory Council, the Crotty Advisory Council, The Davis Center for Portfolio Management Council, the Department of Accounting Advisory Council, the MIS Advisory Board, the OM Advisory Council, and the SBA Ambassadors.

Business Advisory Council

Meeting twice a year, the Business Advisory Council assists the dean and other School administration officials in continuously improving the quality of the School's programs, activities, and long-term strategy. On average, thirty people reside on the board, those of whom come from a wide range of professional and industrial backgrounds. 

Crotty Advisory Council

Meeting twice a year, the Crotty Advisory Council (CAC) assists the director and other entrepreneurship faculty members in continuously improving the quality of the entrepreneurship major as well as the Crotty Center's programs, activities, and long-term strategy. Council members are entrepreneurs or professionals holding high-level positions in the fields of business community development or business services. The activity of the CAC blends the best of academic thought and actual business practices. 

The Davis Center for Portfolio Management Council

Members of this prestigious council guide the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, a learning environment representative of a Wall Street investment firm that is at the heart of UD's Vertically Integrated Investment Program, which includes a nearly $14 million student-managed fund.  

Department of Accounting Advisory Council

The Department of Accounting Advisory Council consists of high level professionals representing a variety of accounting and business organizations. It assists the department chair, faculty, and other stakeholders in continuously improving the quality of the department's programs and related efforts in activities such as strategic planning, program review, and a variety of interactions with accounting students and faculty in the classroom, student organizations, and experiential activities.

MIS Advisory Board

The purpose of the MIS Advisory Board is to support and extend the quality of both the management information systems program at the University of Dayton and information systems within interested organizations. To support this mission, the Board sponsors activities that involve interactions among managers/executives, information systems, professionals, faculty, and students.  

OM Advisory Council

The OM Advisory Council's mission is to serve as the industrial/professional interface and mentor for the operations management major.

SBA Ambassadors

A primary goal of the SBA is to bridge theory and practice in business, and the SBA Ambassador group is a key driver in bringing the business community to the campus of UD. As an SBA Ambassador, your interactions with students will enhance their professional development and provide you an opportunity to give back to the community. SBA Ambassadors might become engaged with our students in a number of ways. Contact the SBA if you would like to participate as an SBA Ambassador.