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Restrictions on Acceptance of Sponsored Research Policy

Restrictions on Acceptance of Sponsored Research Policy


This policy sets forth the University’s guiding principles with regard to accepting sponsored research programs.  This policy takes into account the University’s mission and values, as well as regulatory requirements with regard to sponsored research involving human subjects and research involving the use of animals.


This policy is applicable to its college, schools, departments, and Research Institute as well as all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and others participating in University programs.  

Policy History

I. Effective Date: November 22, 1993

II. Approval: June 26, 2000

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form: November 22, 1993
  • Approved as amended: June 26, 2000

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Director, UD Research Institute


In providing research services to Government and Industry, the University proposes to make its resources and expertise equally available to all agencies whose purposes do not conflict with the mission, values and purpose of the University.  In accepting awards for research services, the following restrictions shall prevail:

a.  Projects or activities patently contrary to the mission, values or purpose of the University are not authorized.

b.  The University will not enter into any contract which would restrain its freedom to publish the results, or to disclose the existence of the contract or the identity of the sponsor to the University’s Board of Trustees. However, consistent with its public service function, the University may enter into agreements under which the sponsoring agencies retain some control over the disclosure of data or the publication of research results. In these agreements, the University seeks to minimize the restrictions on the publication of results and to maximize the contribution of each sponsored project to the educational mission of the University.

c.  Research involving the use of human subjects is not authorized until adequate approvals have been obtained to protect the rights, health, and welfare of the subjects.  The Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Research Protection will review these cases and handle exemptions and approvals in compliance with federal regulations.  The authorized organizational representative for the IRB is the Vice President for Research.

d.  Research involving the use of animals is not authorized until approvals have been obtained to ensure the safe and humane conduct of research with animals.  The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) will review these cases and handle approvals in compliance with federal regulations.  The authorized organizational representative for the IACUC is the Vice President for Research.

e.  Projects or activities that would jeopardize the University’s nonprofit status as defined in Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) are not authorized.


Questionable cases will be reviewed by the Vice President for Research or the Director of the Research Institute, as applicable, who will make recommendations to the President, as needed.

Reference Documents

  1. Proposal Processing Form

Applicable Federal Regulations

  1. Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)
  2. Title 45, Public Welfare, Department of Health and Human Services, Part 46, Protection of Human Subjects
  3. Health Research Extension Act of 1985, Public Law 99-158, Animals in Research (November 20, 1985)

For questions relating to the University policies of Research, please contact:

Kelli Tittle, Research Compliance & Export Control Administrator