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Support Our Mission

Your gift to the Marian Library at the University of Dayton will help us fulfill our mission to support learning, teaching and research of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are grateful for your generosity.

Giving Opportunities

By supporting the Marian Library, you will allow us to continue acquiring, supporting and protecting our rare books, priceless collections and various materials in our holdings.

The generosity of friends is what allows us to exhibit our collections and provide free programs in conjunction with our nativity exhibits.

The Marian Library has a vast collection of Marian art. Your generosity helps acquire, maintain and display these inspiring tributes to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When making a financial gift online, you may direct your gift by selecting your preference in the drop down menu provided. Give online today or contact us at 937-229-4214.

If you would prefer to direct your gift to a specific need — such as purchasing books for the Marian book collection, exhibit programming like performances and lectures or conservation of rare artifacts — please contact us by calling 937-229-4214.

Donations of Books and Media

The Marian Library welcomes donations of books, art, multimedia, archival materials and realia that further its mission as a national and international center for scholarship on the Blessed Virgin Mary, documenting diverse expressions of popular devotion to Mary. 

To inquire about donating materials, please send a list of items along with photographs to

Because of the Marian Library’s limited storage and preservation resources, we are unfortunately not able to accept all in-kind offers of gifts. We make every effort to accept only items that are directly related to Mary or which can demonstrably provide theological, historical, cultural, literary, philosophical, psychological or sociological perspectives for understanding the person of Mary. We accept gifts with the intention of adding unique materials not already available to researchers, and with a commitment to the time, effort and funds required to preserve them and provide access through cataloging and archival processing. We regret that we cannot accept unsolicited donations without prior correspondence. 

For more information on the types of material we actively collect, please consult the Collection Development and Management Policy or email with further questions.


Marian Library

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