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Our story began 80 years ago and is still being written. Your gift to the Marian Library at the University of Dayton will help us continue to support learning, teaching and research of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Give Today 

Make an online gift and designate it to one of our most popular funds below. To make your gift using a different method, contact Shari Neilson, administrative assistant and office coordinator, at or at 937-229-4214. 

  • Marian Library Endowment: By supporting the Marian Library endowment, you are ensuring that we can continue to build our collections and serve the visitors who come to use our materials, view our exhibits and learn more about the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Marian Library Art and Exhibits: The Marian Library has a vast collection of Marian art. Your generosity helps acquire, maintain and display these inspiring tributes to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Marian Library Rare Books: This collection, named in honor of Brother William Fackovec, S.M., includes over 6,200 cataloged volumes published between 1473 and 1800. Gifts to this fund allow us to conserve and protect these rare and priceless items and make new purchases.

A gift to any of the above funds will, unless otherwise specified, be directed to the relevant endowment fund. If you would prefer to direct your gift to a specific short-term need, please contact us by calling 937-229-4214. We would be happy to talk with you about our current projects and how you can help.

Impact Stories
Libraries 04.21.23

One 17th-century Bible can illuminate how King Charles I of Great Britain used Catholicism as a means to achieve territorial unity and dominance during a time of religious turmoil and violence.

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Libraries 11.14.22

One Day, One Dayton gifts support student experiential learning in conjunction with the Marian Library's new Christmas exhibit – which correspondingly celebrates vocation and gifts.

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Giving 04.09.21

Thanks to gifts received during the 2020 day of giving, research and conservation has begun on a fragile statue of the Madonna and Child slated for display and instruction.

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Libraries 07.14.20

Conservation work ensures that a late medieval manuscript and staple of Marian Library instruction will be around for years to come.

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Libraries 05.21.20

The conservation of the Marian Library's oldest printed book highlights its history, mysteries.  

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Donations of Books and Media

The Marian Library welcomes donations of books, art, multimedia, archival materials and realia that further its mission as a national and international center for scholarship on the Blessed Virgin Mary, documenting diverse expressions of popular devotion to Mary. 

To inquire about donating materials, please send a list of items along with photographs to

Because of the Marian Library’s limited storage and preservation resources, we are unfortunately not able to accept all in-kind offers of gifts. We make every effort to accept only items that are directly related to Mary or which can demonstrably provide theological, historical, cultural, literary, philosophical, psychological or sociological perspectives for understanding the person of Mary. We accept gifts with the intention of adding unique materials not already available to researchers, and with a commitment to the time, effort and funds required to preserve them and provide access through cataloging and archival processing. We regret that we cannot accept unsolicited donations without prior correspondence. 

For more information on the types of material we actively collect, please consult the Collection Development and Management Policy or email with further questions.


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