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My Old House: 428 Stonemill Road

428 Stonemill Rd.

My Old House: 428 Stonemill Road

Nick Thompson `23 November 29, 2022

Atop a small hill, casting its shadow over students returning back home or heading to class, sits the bright yellow University Honors duplex. Part of this duplex is 428 Stonemill Road, a three-bedroom Marianist Student Community house where six students live and work to make their home a hospitable one to bring neighbors together in the Marianist spirit. Inside, the house’s tables and walls are decorated with items that show the characteristics and personalities of each of the housemates. Even with different flags, posters and signage evident throughout the house, the six housemates make it a house that feels open and welcoming to others. They host trivia nights for new honor students and enjoy cooking burgers to share with neighbors on the front patio when the weather is nice.

Every week, the housemates get together for a “Faith Night” where they engage in prayer and eat dinner together – a special evening that they say helps to center themselves. In a house that is filled with friendship, it overflows with the sense of fellowship. 

Photos by Kennedy Kish '24

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