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She said yes!

She said yes!

Alayna Yates June 20, 2024

The June day couldn’t have been drawn up in a more picture perfect way. The sun was shining, a light breeze danced through the air and the nostalgia of perfect UD days like this one looped in the minds of Biz Migely ’19 and Braden Ghilani ’19 as they walked through campus.

Man is down on one knee proposing holding a ring to his girlfriend.
The moment!

After arriving for Reunion Weekend, the couple decided to take a stroll. While Migely assumed they were walking to find their friends and help them get unloaded from their travels, Ghilani had a different destination in mind.

Stopping in the scenic courtyard that divides St. Joseph's Hall and the chapel, Ghilani got down on one knee and asked Migely to share the rest of their lives together. Her answer – yes!

Migely had made a lot of fond memories during her time at UD, but it wasn’t until Reunion Weekend 2024 that she and Ghilani finally had a campus memory that they shared. 

Although they both graduated in 2019, Migely said she didn’t meet Ghilani until after the tassels had turned. 

“We actually didn’t meet at Dayton. Dayton was just sort of our connector,” Migely said. “We had mutual friends, but had never heard of each other [until] we both moved to Cleveland post-grad and one of our mutual friends from Dayton introduced us to each other.”

Celebrating their fifth class anniversary this year, the two loaded up the car and began their drive from Cleveland. Unsuspecting Migely was ready to relive a weekend in the student neighborhood. 

“We got there and got checked in and Braden was telling me that we needed to help his friend unload a table or something from their car,” Migely said with laughter. “It was something really dumb.”

Braden gives his new bride a piggy back ride through campus.Walking through campus to go get the faux table, the couple started reminiscing on fleeting college memories with each step as they got closer to the chapel.

“He was talking to me when we were walking saying how it was so crazy we didn’t know each other and we have no memories here,” Migely said.

“Then he got down on one knee and said ‘I want to make a memory that will last a lifetime’ and that was it.” 

Celebrating their engagement at a house on Irving Avenue with all their friends and family, Migely said it was a weekend full of love and happiness. 

“I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to be proposed to,” Migely said. “Dayton is such a special place for both Braden and I, and one full of happiness. To have our engagement there makes it even more special.”

Now on the quest for booking a wedding venue, the couple is looking forward to buying a home, sharing a last name, creating countless more memories in a shared life together and always being able to reminisce on that beautiful June day on campus. 

Photography by Ashley Dunlavy.

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