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My Flyer Family: Marianist ties

My Flyer Family: Marianist ties

Steve Bosway '79 May 30, 2024

We drove through Dayton numerous times on family vacations and road trips; I was always familiar with my dad and uncle’s alma mater, so when it came time to pick a school, I knew a quality education at UD awaited me. 

Steve Bosway '79 and his wife, MaryJo Tye Bosway '79.

My father, Stephen Bosway ’56, studied education at UD on an athletic scholarship playing both football and baseball. During that time in the 1950s, he was required to complete two years of ROTC training in preparation for the Korean War draft. Dad figured he’d take another two years of training and enter the Army as an officer. He served in Korea as a second lieutenant and spent 29 years in the military.

Because of dad’s time in the Army, my brother and I had our choice of a “home state” when choosing a college. I got a small scholarship and in-state tuition at UD and I knew if I didn’t go to school now, I would never finish.

So, I took on a few part-time and summer jobs and paid my way through college. But the best part about it all? My brother, Michael Bosway, followed me to UD and graduated a year after me in 1980.

I’ve always found it important to give back because I reflect on my time at UD so fondly, but after my uncle, William Anderson ’47, passed away in January at the age of 97, I felt inspired to do even more.     

Uncle Bill lived a long, full life devoted to the Marianist traditions. After graduating from UD, he became a Marianist priest. He traveled to Europe and Australia and spent several years in Africa, even contracting malaria seven times. Devoted to service, Uncle Bill embodied what it meant to be a Flyer and work for the common good. 

William Anderson ’47 and Ruth Grathwohl Anderson ’59


After 35 years, he left the Marianists and married the love of his life. His wife of 45 years, Ruth Grathwohl Anderson ’59, was also deeply invested in Marianist values and served as a nun, leaving her order to embark on a beautiful life with Uncle Bill. 

Even after leaving the order, Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth stayed very close to the Marianists. I found it unusual, but incredible, how they always financially supported the order and how their relationship with UD and the Marianists grew stronger. As a former priest and a former nun, they viewed their service to still be in the Marianist spirit, just in a different form. 

Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth had always been givers. Even after Uncle Bill’s passing, Aunt Ruth still gives to Catholic charities and the Salvation Army. The food bank they started in Denton, Texas is still going strong.

"They have inspired my wife and I to step up our own giving efforts to honor Uncle Bill and his lifelong devotion to UD and the Marianist tradition." 

Deeply invested in education as former UD professors, Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth set up a fund for academic scholarships at UD. Aunt Ruth doesn’t like to talk about how much she gives, but rather what she and her husband have always supported. They have inspired my wife and I to step up our own giving efforts to honor Uncle Bill and his lifelong devotion to UD and the Marianist tradition. 

Although Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth traveled the world together, something always brings our family back to our ties here at UD. My wife, MaryJo Tye Bosway '79 and I were married at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception on campus and have many familial ties back to UD. Maybe someday one of our four grandchildren will join the Flyer family.

As told to Alayna Yates '23

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