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My Old House: 424 Lowes St.

424 Lowes St.

My Old House: 424 Lowes St.

Rebecca Sutton '25 March 22, 2023

It may be hard to find and quite unassuming on the outside, but 424 Lowes is a house of love. Affectionately called “The Shack” by prior residents, this house has been transformed into a “Love Shack” by the three women currently living there who have adorned the house's interior with as much heart shaped decor as they could find.

Besides being an homage to the B-52’s, the house hits you with a blast of nostalgia once you enter the unassuming home. The house is filled with posters from That 70’s Show — a favorite of its residents — completely carpeted floors and a bright red retro microwave. One may say the house is stuck in time, as past residents from nearly a decade ago insist that the furniture and appliances have not changed.

The house only has two bedrooms and one bathroom, but the residents love having as many people over as possible. The house is privy to romantic sunsets and views, and a drive-through-like window that makes for a convenient way for friends to drop by and say hello.

The residents have committed to the “Love Shack” theme and had even sent out Christmas cards with the signature “Love, the Shack Girls.” They may all be seniors, but they insist that the home's legacy is already being sustained by the squirrels who live on their roof and are starting a family. 


Photos by Gabriela Bott '25

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