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Fir-ever in fashion: Tale of the Christmas Tree

Fir-ever in fashion: Tale of the Christmas Tree

Shravanth Reddy Reddy '24 December 06, 2022

Christmas trees have been a tradition in many parts of the world for hundreds of years. The exact origin of the Christmas tree is uncertain, but there are many different theories about its history.

The modern Christmas tree tradition is said to have originated in Germany in the 16th century when people began to decorate trees with candles to celebrate Christmas. The first written records of a Christmas tree date back to the 16th century, when German Christians brought the tradition to their homes. Over time, the tradition spread to other parts of Europe and eventually to the United States.

Today, Christmas trees are an important part of the holiday season in many parts of the world. People decorate their trees with ornaments, lights and other decorations to celebrate the season. It is believed that the Christmas tree is a symbol of hope, peace and joy.

At the University of Dayton, most of the halls are already decorated with Christmas trees, creating a festive and joyous atmosphere for students, faculty and staff to enjoy.