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Too quiet

Too quiet

Kennedy Kish '24 November 26, 2022

Eight. That's approximately the number of cars that were still on Kiefaber or Lowes this past Saturday during Thanksgiving Break. It's also approximately the total number of times I've seen an empty parking spot on either of those streets since August. The only sign of life I saw on streets usually filled with parties was a squirrel eating a snack on someone's porch. It's safe to say that campus looked a lot different while most Flyers were home. 

As students return to campus today, they will be met with signs of things to come in the remaining weeks of the semester. Christmas lights cover bushes and trees as far as the eye can see. Decorations for the popular campus tradition Christmas on Campus can be seen around Humanities Plaza and Kennedy Union. Here at UD, holiday cheer attempts to counteract the stress of upcoming finals for the Flyers. But I'm still happy to see everyone back this week. It was getting lonely.