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(Video) Class Notes

(Video) Class Notes

Staff August 02, 2022

With the Class Notes print section on vacation until autumn, we bring you video class notes from attendees of Reunion Weekend 2022.

Click on the videos below to hear alumni share great times and a hearty “Go Flyers!”


Bob Daley — Class of 1955

“It is a delight to be back on the campus. The campus looks so good.”


Philip “Jay” Grassia — Class of 1970

“You should make a trip back to UD. It’s just grown in leaps and bounds.”


Gerry Chadwick — Class of 1977

“We’re true-blue Flyers, we love it here, and [we’re] always happy to be back!”


Ginny Judge Horan — Class of 1987

“I miss Dayton still, all these years later.”


John Condit — Class of 1987

“The greatest four years of my life were right here at the University of Dayton.”


Denesh Chitkara — Class of 1992

“Shout-out to the Class of ’92, College of Arts and Sciences.”


Ingrid Baer Douglas, Kelly Stewart Del Freo and Karen Whalen Cassano — Class of 1992

“Go Flyers! We are here to celebrate our 30th reunion. Our husbands are here to celebrate their 31st. The three of us were roommates in college, and the three of them were roommates in college. We married each other, and we’re still together.”


Veronica Morris — Class of 1992

“The smile and the warmth and the love that only comes from being a member of the Flyer family still remains.”


Mark Salvador — Class of 1997

“We’re all excited about reminiscing about the UD experience and talking about the things that we all took away from this place.”


Renee Brown — class of 2017

“The community that’s continued to happen after Dayton has made my experience, even after UD,  that much better.”

From classmates to soul mates