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Joaquin Alberto Barrios, PT, DPT, PhD


Full-Time Faculty

School of Education and Health Sciences: Department of Physical Therapy


Email: Joaquin Barrios, PT, DPT, PhD
Phone: 937-229-5609
Raymond L. Fitz Hall, Room 209D
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV


  • Ph.D. in Biomechanics & Movement Science, University of Delaware, 2009
  • D.P.T. in Physical Therapy, Duke University, 2003
  • B.S. in Exercise Science, Creighton University, 2000

Licensures & Certifications

  • Licensed Ohio Physical Therapist
  • Certified Clinical Instructor, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Heartsaver AED, American Heart Association

Professional Activities

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Society of Biomechanics
  • American College of Sports Medicine

Selected Publications

Kuska EC, Barrios JA, Kinney AL (2020). Multi-segment foot model reveals distal joint kinematic differences between habitual heel-toe walking and non-habitual toe walking. J Biomech (accepted).

Beerse M, Bigelow KE, Barrios JA (2020). The patterning of local variability during the acquisition of a novel whole-body continuous motor skill in young adults. Exp Brain Res (online ahead of print).

Kinney AL, Giel M, Harre B, Heffner K, McCullough, Savino M, Scott A, Barrios JA (2020). Surface electromyography of the internal and external oblique muscles during isometric tasks targeting the lateral trunk. J Sport Rehabil

Werner DM, Di Stasi S, Lewis CL, Barrios JA (2019). Test-retest reliability and minimum detectable change for various frontal plane projection angles during dynamic tasks. Phys Ther Sport 40:169-176.

Werner DM, Barrios J (2019). In-Line Half-Kneeling as a Motor Control Test of Core Stability: Known-Groups Validity and Reliability. J Sport Rehabil 28:395-398.

Werner DM, Barrios JA (2018). Trunk muscle endurance in individuals with and without a history of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. J Strength Cond Res doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002395.

Bruening DA, Pohl MB, Takahashi KZ, Barrios JA (2018). Midtarsal locking, the windlass mechanism, and running strike pattern: a kinematic and kinetic assessment. J Biomech 73:185-191.

Mostaed MF, Werner DM, Barrios JA (2018). 2D and 3D kinematics during lateral step-down testing in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Int J Sports Phys Ther 13:77-85.

Werner D, Willson J, Willy R, Barrios J (2017).  Validity, reliability and normative values for clinically-assessed frontal tibial orientation as a measure of varus-valgus knee alignment. Int J Athl Ther Train 22:29-33.

Pozzi F, Di Stasi S, Zeni JA, Barrios JA (2017).  Single-limb drop landing biomechanics in active individuals with and without a history of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A total support analysis. Clin Biomech 43:28-33.

Barrios JA, Willson JD (2017).  Minimum detectable change in medial tibiofemoral contact force parameters: derivation and application to a load-altering intervention. J Appl Biomech 33:171-175.

Bjelopetrovich A, Barrios JA (2016).  Effects of incremental ambulatory-range loading on arch height index parameters. J Biomech 49:3555-3558.