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Julio A. Quintero

Director for Inclusive Excellence Strategy and Initiatives


Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Email: Julio Quintero
Phone: (937) 229-5521
St. Mary's 206D

Julio Quintero joined the University of Dayton as the Associate Director for Inclusive Excellence Education and Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in 2019. Quintero believes that inclusion relates to a humanistic quest for which understanding is defined as an engagement with different and sometimes contradictory points of view across cultures, locations, and times. Inclusion defies the epistemological mandate --so typical of modern thought-- to resolve contradiction for the sake of historical advancement and a linear evolution of ideas. Inclusion does not necessarily strive to synthesize contradiction, but affords a space of dialog and reflection in which diverse points are given equitable treatment. In a truly inclusive environment, polemical discussions give in to an empathetic commitment to respect everyone's right to belong.

Quintero brings his experience and expertise in curriculum design, management, delivery, and assessment to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. In his role, he assists with the implementation of the Inclusive Excellence Academy, a program for faculty and staff designed to educate and create conversations on the intersections between learning and a positive campus climate. Quintero collaborates closely with the Office's goal to provide leadership and connect efforts destined to advance the institution's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Prior to joining the University of Dayton, Quintero served as an assistant professor for six years and as an associate professor for five years in two liberal arts institutions, teaching Spanish language and Latin American cultures. Quintero's areas of interest include the intersections between belonging and cultural manifestations, representation and imagination (particularly in relation to artists and political leaders), utopian and travel literature, and migration within Latin America. He is the author of two books, El poeta en la novela hispanoamericana (2010) and La máquina dictatorial (2016). His articles and reviews in Spanish and English have been published in journals such as HispaniaHispanic Issues On LineIstmo, and Revista Hispánica Moderna, among others.