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Lucas Martin

Doctoral candidate

College of Arts and Sciences: Religious Studies


Email: Lucas Martin


  • M.A., Theological Studies, Duke Divinity School, 2013
  • B.A., Psychology, Cascade College, 2009


Lucas is currently the Youth and Family Minister at North County Church of Christ in Escondido, Calif.

As a doctoral candidate, his research engages the entangled relationships of creaturely being, how interconnectedness is the norm for creaturely existence and that framing the human creature in relation with non-human creatures is integral to a more robust and appropriate theological anthropology, which often approaches what it means to be human by prioritizing human distinctiveness rather than apprehending human life as a multi-species event.

His research engages the work of theological anthropologists, philosophers, biologists and scriptures (primarily Job and Genesis).

Lucas enjoys playing music, hiking, working with metal and wood, cooking, reading and embracing life with his wife and three children.


  • "Ecologizing theological anthropology: Interconnections of creatureliness"

Courses Taught

  • REL 103: Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies

Selected presentations

"Paying attention and being attended: Laudato Si' and the mutual responsibility between human and non-human creatures." Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of College Theological Society (Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Ind. June 2, 2019).