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Elizabeth Groppe


Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Religious Studies


Email: Elizabeth Groppe
Phone: 937-229-4412
HM 327


  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame 
  • M.A., University of Notre Dame
  • B.A., Earlham College


Elizabeth T. Groppe is a Roman Catholic systematic theologian. Her areas of work include trinitarian theology, ecclesiology, liturgical and sacramental theology, theological anthropology, and interreligious dialogue. Her wide-ranging scholarship brings the wisdom of the Christian tradition to bear on twenty-first century challenges including ecological degradation, violence, and racism. She is married and the mother of one child.

Selected Publications

Scholarly Monographs:

Yves Congar’s Theology of the Holy Spirit. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.

Books for a General Audience:

Eating and Drinking. The Compass Series on Christianity and the Practice of Everyday Life. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2011.

 Book Chapters:

“‘The Love that Moves the Sun and the Stars’: A Theology of Creation.” In The Theological and Ecological Vision of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, edited by Vincent J. Miller, 77–94. London: Bloomsbury, 2017.

“‘Sighs Too Deep for Words’: The Holy Spirit, Desire, and the Name of the Incomprehensible God.” In The Testimony of the Spirit: New Essays, edited by Paul Moser and Doug Geivett, 202–222. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.

“Forging New Paths of Shalom: Cardinal Kasper’s Contributions to Catholic-Jewish Relations.” In Speaking Truth in Love: The Theology of Cardinal Walter Kasper, edited by Kristin M. Colberg and Robert A. Krieg, 203−222. Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press, 2014.

“The Way of Wisdom.” In Environmental Justice and Climate Change: Assessing Pope Benedict XVI’s Ecological Vision for the Catholic Church in the United States, edited by Jame Schaefer and Tobias Winright, 127‒48. Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books, 2013.

 Peer Reviewed Articles:

“Longing for Communion Fifty Years after Unitatis Redintegratio: Envisioning a Ministry of Hospitality and Healing in a Wounded Body of Christ.” Forthcoming in Worship.

“A Harvest of Humility: Agrarian Practice and Christian Higher Education.” Journal of Education and Christian Belief 18 (2014): 29−40.

“Revisiting Vatican II’s Theology of the People of God after Forty-Five Years of Catholic-Jewish Dialogue.” Theological Studies 72 (2011): 586‒619.       

“Creation Ex Amore: Ontological Freedom in the Theologies of John Zizioulas and Catherine Mowry LaCugna.” Modern Theology 21 (2005): 463‒96.

“Catherine Mowry LaCugna’s Contribution to Trinitarian Theology.” Theological Studies 63 (2002): 730‒63.