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Mark Ensalaco

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Political Science


Email: Mark Ensalaco
Phone: 937-229-4776
ZH 306


  • Ph.D., Political Science, State University of New York, 1991
  • M.T.S, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University, 1984
  • B.A., (Magna Cum Laude) State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Classics, 1981


Dr. Mark Ensalaco is an associate professor of political science and is the former director of the International Studies Program. In 2007, he became the first director of the newly formed Human Rights Studies program which, through the Department of Political Science, now offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights. Mark joined the UD faculty in 1989.

Courses taught

  • Politics of Human Rights
  • Comparative Politics: Latin American
  • United States-Latin America Relations
  • Political Violence
  • Intro to Comparative Politics

Professional activities

  • Officer/Committee Member, National
  • Editorial Board. review manuscripts
  • Officer/Committee Member, Co-founder and director, Abolition Ohio-The Rescue and Restore Coalition in the Miami Valley, Regional
  • Editorial Board, Member Editorial Board, Georgetown University Press, Advancing Human Rights Series, International. solicited, reviewed manuscripts
  • Officer/Committee Member, Member, Catholic Relief Services, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Regional
  • Officer/Committee Member, Member, Executive Committee and Immediate-Past Founding President, International Human Rights Education Consortium, International
  • Officer/Committee Member, Member, Peace and Justice Advisory Committee Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, National
  • Officer/Committee Member, Member, Ohio Attorney General's Trafficking in Persons Study Commission, State
  • Member, Catholic Relief Services Scholars in Global Solidarity project, International. (June 2012 - Present)

Research interests

  • Human Rights, Human Trafficking
  • Middle Eastern Terrorism
  • US & Latin America Relations

Selected presentations

Ensalaco, M., Rites. Rights. Writes., an initiative of the Graul Chair in Arts and Languages, University of Dayton, "Stravinsky, Faith and Revolution: the Intersection of Arts Cultural and Human rights," Academic, Invited. (September 23, 2013).

Ensalaco, M., Being Catholic in 2013, Weavers of Justice, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Dayton, Presenter/Lecturer, Non-Academic. (September 14, 2013).

Ensalaco, M., Peacebuilding 2013: Pacem in Terris at 50, Catholic University of America, Institute for Policy research and Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Peacebuilding Network, Washington, D.C., "Human Trafficking in Armed Conflict: the Imperative of Peace," Academic. (April 20, 2013).

Ensalaco, M., Global Solidarity Conference, Catholic Relief Services, Dayton, "Defending the Rights of the Whole Human Family: the Spirituality of Solidarity", Presenter/Lecturer, Non-Academic, Invited. (February 20, 2013).

Ensalaco, M. "Catholic Higher Education and Catholic Social Teaching: Implementing the Vision." Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Peace and Justice Advisory Committee Annual Meeting. Notre Dame University. March 24, 2011.

Ensalaco, M. "Solidarity and Modern Day Slavery." Catholic Relief Services Fifth Annual Global Solidarity Conference, Who is My Neighbor? The Call to Global Solidarity. Dayton, OH. March 12, 2011.

Ensalaco, M. "The Church and the Immigration Crisis." Conference on Ecclesiology and Exclusion. University of Dayton. May 18, 2011.

Ensalaco, M. "Catholic Colleges and Universities in the Movement to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery." Invited Presentation to the Coalition of Catholic Organizations against Human Trafficking and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Washington, D.C.. November 15, 2011.

"Campaign to Ban Torture: American Voices for American Values." In conjunction with the Center for the Victims of Torture. University of Dayton, October 2008.

"Freedom from Fear and Want: A Human Rights Perspective on Immigration." Presented at the First Miami Valley Forum on Immigration: Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrants in the Dayton Area, 27 February 2008.

"The Challenge of Human Rights after 9/11." Presented at a conference on The Future of Human Rights Education: Bridging Theory and Practice, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.., 16 February 2007.

"Article 25: A Human Rights Perspective on the Immigration Debate." Presented at "Coming to America: Challenges Facing Immigrants in the United States," organized by The Dayton Peace Museum, 8 November 2007.

"Truth Commissions: Do They Do Justice to Justice: The Chilean Experience." Presented at a conference "Truth Commissions: Do They Do Justice to Justice?" Sponsored by the John J. Moakly Chair of Peace and Reconciliation. John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 13-25 October, 2007.

"Adherence to the Law of War in the War on Terror," presented at a panel "America at a Crossroads: The Impact of the War on Terror," University of Dayton, 13 April 2007.

"Immigration versus Immigrants: the Disconnect." Presented to the Dayton Rotary Club, 5 February 2007.

"Authoring a Culture of Human Rights." Speech at Columbia College, Chicago, 26 February 2007.

"The Bush Doctrine and the Future of Armed Conflict." Presented on a panel on "War and its Aftermath: The Consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom," University of Dayton, March 2007.

"Hizb'Allah and the Origins of Terror." Presented at a panel on "The Future of Lebanon," Dayton Council on World Affairs, January 2007.

"America at a Crossroads: The Impact of the War on Terrorism." In conjunction with ThinkTV, WYSO Public Radio and the Dayton Council on World Affairs. University of Dayton, April 2007.

Archbishop Oscar Romero Award Ceremony; presentation to Bernard Kuchner. University of Dayton, April 2007.

"The Progressive Realization of the Rights of the Child in a Globalizing Era," presented at a conference on Human Rights in a Globalizing Era, University of Windsor, Ontario, 3-4 August 2005.

Selected publications

Ensalaco, M. "Illegal Immigration, the Bishops, and the Laity: Strangers No Longer." Strangers No Longer. Kevin Appleby et al, eds. Paulist Press. Forthcoming 2013.

Ensalaco, M. "The Catholic Church and the Immigration Crisis in the Americas." Ecclesiology and Exclusion: Boundaries of Being and Belonging in Postmodern Times. Dennis M. Doyle, Timothy J. Furry, and Pascal D. Bazzell, eds. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books. 2012.

Ensalaco, M. "Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Towards and Integral Approach to Labor Trafficking." St. Thomas University Intercultural Human rights Law Review. 2012.

Ensalaco, M. "The (In)dignity of Work." Catholic Relief Services Sixth Annual conference Imago Dei: Proclaiming Human Dignity through Solidarity. Dayton, OH. March 3, 2012.

Middle Eastern Terrorism: From Black September to September 11. University of Pennsylvania Press. December 2007.

"Murder In Ciudad Juarez: A Parable of Women's Struggle for Human Rights," Violence Against Women. May 2006.

"Towards a Theory of Impunity," presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, 2006.

Children's Human Rights: Progress and Challenges to Children Worldwide. Roman & Littlefield. June 2005. Co-editor with Linda Majka.

"Pinochet: A Study in Impunity," in Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Fernando Leiva (eds) Democracy in Chile: The Legacy of September 11, 1973. Sussex: Sussex University Press. November 2005.

"Chile bajo Pinochet: la recuperacion de la verdad." Alianza Editorial. November 2002.

"Colombia's War Threatens to Entwine Americans," Dayton Daily News, March 2002.

"Time to End the Neglect," Dayton Daily News/Dayton Council on World Affairs' Great Decisions Series, February 2001.

Chile Under Pinochet: Recovering the Truth. University of Pennsylvania Press. September, 1999.