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Shuang-ye Wu

Professor; Chair of the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Geology and Environmental Geosciences


Email: Shuang-ye Wu
Phone: 937-229-1720
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV


  • Ph.D., Cambridge University, United Kingdom


Wu is a climate scientist who uses climate models to project future climate change and its potential impacts on the hydrological cycle, including precipitation, extreme storms and flood risks. She also collaborates with researchers in ice core science and stable isotope geochemistry investigate climate and environmental change in the past 10,000 years. Dr. Wu received her Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 2000 where she studied environmental geography. She joined UD's department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences in 2004 after completing three-year post-doctoral research at Penn State University. She has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in high-impact scientific journals, and received close to $2 million in external funding for her research. Dr. Wu teaches a variety courses mainly in the field of climate change, environmental geosciences and Geographical Information Systems.

Faculty perspective

"Humans have exerted profound changes on our Earth. Geoscience, as a scientific discipline devoted to the study of Earth's systems, is essential for understanding not only how the Earth got to be the way it is today, but also how it will change as a result of human impacts in the future. Only with such understanding are we in a better position to make informed decisions and advance social changes needed to protect the Earth, the only home for humanity, instead of, to quote a friend, 'treating it like some cheap hotel room to which we don't have to return tomorrow.' In this sense, geoscience has great political and social relevance."

Research interests

  • Impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle
  • Extreme precipitation and flooding hazards
  • Reconstruction of paleo climate and environment
  • Environmental application of Geographic Information System

Selected publications

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