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John P. McCombe

Professor; Director of the University Honors Program

Joint Appointment, Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: English; Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives: University Honors Program


Email: John P. McCombe
Phone: 937-229-3697


  • Ph.D., English, The Ohio State University, 2000


Dr. McCombe is a Pittsburgh native and earned a B.S. degree at the University of Pittsburgh. His original undergraduate focus was chemistry, which prepared him for a brief career as an analytical chemist. While working at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, he completed additional course work in literature and film, before enrolling as a graduate student in English at Pitt. Later, he completed a doctorate in British Literature at The Ohio State University. At UD, Dr. McCombe regularly teaches courses in British literature, film, and composition, as well as occasional special topics courses on Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

Faculty Perspective

"I had never visited UD prior to my on-campus interview, nor had I significant exposure to the Marianists or Catholic higher education. But now I'm unable to imagine working anywhere else: I love the campus community, and I'm particularly happy in a department in which I'm encouraged to pursue my diverse teaching and research interests."

Courses Taught

  • British Modernism
  • Survey of British Literature, 1800-Present
  • The New Hollywood: Film in the 1970s
  • Cool Britannia: Contemporary British Literature and Film
  • Film Theory
  • British Film
  • The Beatles in Literature and Film
  • Bob Dylan as Literature
  • Major British Authors: Shakespeare, Austen, Wilde, and Woolf
  • Hollywood in the Age of Anxiety, 1945-1963
  • Film Genres: Screwball Comedy and Film Noir
  • Shakespeare, Cinema, and Society
  • Berry Scholars First-Year English Seminar
  • Honors Freshman Writing Seminar
  • College Composition I (CORE Program)
  • College Composition II (CORE Program)

Research Interests

  • Modern British Literature
  • Film Studies
  • Music and Literature
  • Shakespeare

Selected Publications & Presentations


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