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R Gerald Keil

Professor Emeritus


College of Arts and Sciences: Chemistry


Email: R Gerald Keil
Phone: 937-229-5841
SC 284
Website: Visit Site


  • Ph.D., Temple University, 1967
  • B.S., Villanova University, 1963
  • Sabbatical, University of Texas, 1982


Dr. Jerry Keil has one of the most familiar faces around UD, having been here since 1969. He has been active in various department and university committees and councils, served as Chemistry Department Chairperson from 1988-91 and then served as Associate Dean for Graduate and Academic Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences from 1991-95. Dr. Keil is a past or present member of a number of scientific organizations, served a term as president of the UD chapter of Sigma Xi, a national scientific research society, and also has been an officer of the Dayton professional chapter of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Keil currently teaches upper level physical chemistry courses and the weekly seminar class. He has also taught general chemistry and served as a mentor for first year students and advises several of our majors.

In recent years, he has taken up the saxophone and has supplied the department with several entertaining moments, both solo and in cahoots with Dr. Albert Fratini. He also spends much time during the warm weather on his boat, cruising the Great Lakes.

Research Interests

  • Analytical electrochemical and spectroscopic
  • Corrosion
  • Environment
  • Chemical dynamics
  • Theory

Selected Publications & Presentations

Trick, K.A.; Keil, R.G. "Fungi and Bacterial Degradation of Polyamide Coated Aircraft Material." CORROSION/99, San Antonio TX: NACE International 1999, Paper #167.

O'Brien, J.F.; Johnson, D.W.; Kuehner, K.; Brewer, T.R.; Keil, R.G. "Investigation of Alkali Metal-Water Interactions in Acetonitrile." Inorganica Chimica Acta 1992, 183, 113.

Keil, R.G.; Johnson, D.W.; Fryling, M.A.; O'Brien, J.F. "Investigation of Lithium-Water Interactions In Acetonitrile Solutions Using Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Raman, and Infrared Spectroscopies and Extended Huckel Molecular Orbital Calculations." Inorganic Chemistry 1989, 28, 2764.

Wittberg, T.N.; Wolf, J.D.; Keil, R.G.; Wang, P.S. "Lattice and Grain Boundary Diffusion of Oxygen in Titanium Subhydride Studied by Auger Sputter Profiling." Angew. Chem., Surface and Interface Analysis 1988, 13, #4, 219.

Keil, R.G. "Resistive Electrode Effects on Cyclic Voltammetry." J. Electrochem. Soc. 1986, 133, #7, 1375.

Hoenigman, J.R.; Keil, R.G. "An XPS Study of the Exposure of Lithium to Low Levels of O2, H2O, CO, CO2, and SO2." Lithium: Current Applications in Science, Medicine and Technology 1985, R.O. Bach, Ed., Wiley, Chapter 17.

Professional Meetings

Curricular Innovations(NSF), Ashland University, Ashland OH, October 1-2, 1999.

Gordon Research Conference on Electrochemistry, Ventura CA, January 17-22, 1999.

Pittcon 98, Morial Convention Center, New Orleans LA, March 1-5, 1998.

215th ACS Meeting, Dallas TX, March 29-April 2, 1998.

Gordon Research Conference: Innovations in College Chemistry Teaching, Ventura CA, January 8-15, 1995.

External Funding

AFOSR, "Biodegradation of Polymeric Coatings and Corrosion of Aircraft", March 1, 1998 - October 1, 1998; Grant No. F49620-98-1-0297.

NSF-UFE, "Two-Year Community College Faculty Instrumentation Workshop", November 1, 1997 - December 1, 1998 Grant # S98-CHEM-3.