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A reminder of the life he's lived

A reminder of the life he's lived

Gabriela Bott '25 October 23, 2023

Verb Washington, history lecturer and assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, teaches mostly history courses and his primary research interest is in the African American military experience. Washington himself served in the military, retiring after 30 years of service in the U.S. Army at the rank of colonel in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Washington fills his office on the first floor of O'Reilly Hall with memorabilia and collectibles from his military days, as well as gifts and trinkets to remember his loved ones by.

It all began with his daughter who, when she was young, gave him a dinosaur toy to bring to work. One day, when she visited him, she didn't see the toy and asked about it's whereabouts. From then on, Washington began to collect everything given to him and display it in his office.

He said each item serves as a reminder of "where he's been, what he's done and who he has met."



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