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Ready all row: Can Udentify us?

Ready all row: Can Udentify us?

Staff August 16, 2022
The UD rowing team in the water.
UD rowing team, 1997.


Members of the Flyers rowing team spent their 1997 spring break training for the Head of the Ohio Regatta in Pittsburgh.

If you recognize these rowers, email magazine@udayton.edu.



2208_udentify_incopy2.gifIn the Spring 2022 issue, we asked readers to identify students shown practicing their moves during a karate class. Erin Dooley ’00 wrote in to identify herself — well, at least part of herself. “I was in that karate class,” she said, “and it could be my hand and foot peeking out on the right of the picture. The gal in the center back, with the black shirt on, I think is named Jen. Sorry I don’t know a last name, but that was over 20 years ago!”

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