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Where are you reading?

Where are you reading?

Nicole L. Craw September 12, 2022


Paul Ley ’63 and his son, Bryon Ley ’88, took a trip to Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas to visit Paul’s brother, Ken, and his family. 


Elsie Muska Stolle ’54 holds up the fall issue of University of Dayton Magazine in her yard in Ashford, Connecticut, where she enjoys watching birds, deer and any other wildlife that are wandering through. 




Several ladies of the Class of 1978 gathered in St. Augustine, Florida, to celebrate what they dubbed their “Sexty-Fifth” birthdays together. Patti Fink, Carol Benitez Cullen, Theresa Kapral Bakum, Amy Schwertmann Buckley and Sue Schultz Ryan made sure to bring along a copy of University of Dayton Magazine.


Mark Allex ’84, his wife, Norma, and their daughter, Emily, traveled to Cancun in April and brought along “Aunt Erma.” They were in Cancun attending the wedding of the daughter of former UD faculty member Brian Conniff. Mark said the last time he was this far out of the country was on his UD geology class trip to England back in 1983. 



For his 78th birthday, Joel Riley ’65 decided to visit several national parks, including Zion in Utah, followed by the
Grand Canyon in Arizona. He brought along a copy of University of Dayton Magazine to pose with at the Grand Canyon. 

Erin Gahimer ’13 and Michaela Rogan ’20 pose with University of Dayton Magazine at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in mid-March. The alumnae were visiting the embassy as part of a reception for the U.S. Fulbright Program to Argentina. Both are working in-country as English teaching assistants through the fall.


Margot Minnium ’82 visited fellow Flyer Lisa Haller Stabler ’83 at her ranch in Pueblo, Colorado. The pair hadn’t seen each other in years and enjoyed reminiscing about their days as roommates in Marycrest, when they both studied engineering. 

Lots of laughs and memories were shared when a group of UD alumni traveled to Washington, D.C., to celebrate their milestone birthdays. They said, “We won’t put the number in print, but you can do the math!” Pictured are Jane Loedding Schroeder ’83, Cindy Litmer Zahneis ’83, Ann Wessels Clemens ’83, Bob Saum ’84, Dianne Sementilli Baxter ’84, Patricia “Pat” Cronin ’84, Linda Coyle ’83, Kathy Stapleton Willis ’84, Cathy O’Brien Caulfield ’84, Eileen Moloney Crean ’84 and Carol Pitzer ’83.


Helen Lafontaine Escobedo ’65 and her niece, Denise LaFontaine Dickens ’82, hold
up University of Dayton Magazine in front of the Ellis County Courthouse in Waxahachie, Texas. Denise writes that her aunt, known at UD as Sister Gladys Marie Lafontaine, has long been a source of spiritual inspiration for her. Recently, they both realized they had the same major and minor while at UD — elementary education and theology/religious studies.


Class of 1971 alumni Jane Farrell Cardwell, Gary Volk, Susan Ehlers Volk, Charlanne Divito, Thom Villing and Jeannine Doty Villing gathered near Port St. Joseph, Florida, in early March. The group affectionately refers to themselves as the “Lowes and Beaus.” The ladies were all housemates at 232 Lowes St., which was featured in the Spring 2019 edition of University of Dayton Magazine’s “My Old House.” Unable to attend this year were Ron Weber, Jo Ann Eichold Weber and Suzanne Berichon Plescia. 



Jennifer Olt Darlak ’65 and her daughter, Amanda, were on a cruise passing through the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal in March. They took a copy of University of Dayton Magazine up to the top deck to get the best view. Jennifer lives in Renfield, New York. 



John Spellman ’65 paid a visit to Don Wigal ’55 at his senior residence on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Both want to send best wishes for a healthy 2022 to all Flyers, near and far.


Where are you reading University of Dayton Magazine? Send us your photo to magazine@udayton.edu. 

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