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Flyer time: 8:38 p.m., RecPlex

Flyer time: 8:38 p.m., RecPlex

Photo by Meredith Robinson '23 April 14, 2022
Student climbing up the climbing wall.
Senior Jack Wischmeyer.


Three intramural basketball games were playing in the gym next door, fans cheering and whistles tweeting. At The Chill, blenders were churning as students stood in line at the smoothie bar. But the climbing wall at RecPlex was relatively quiet and empty this Thursday night. Senior Jack Wischmeyer climbed fast, his long arms and legs stretching for holds, and then slowly belayed to the floor before climbing again. Practice, said the mechanical engineering major from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is what makes the great climbers so quick. He offered praise for the Campus Rec outdoor leaders, who assist fellow students. “It’s always a pleasure having them available if you want to climb,” Wischmeyer said.  They are his favorite part of climbing, including their instruction during outdoor retreats, which are starting again as spring approaches. 


Photograph by Meredith Robinson '23.

Flyer time: 9:14 a.m., Marycrest