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Now read/see/hear this

Jeaneen Parsons May 07, 2021

The Happy Clam

Rosemary A. Schmidt ’84

In the midst of a global pandemic, messages of hope are needed now more than ever. The Happy Clam scales the realms of happiness – physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual – combining research from psychology and philosophy with practical advice on how to apply them and be happier. We can do a thousand little things to invite more happiness into our lives, but only a few things really make a difference. The secret? “In a word, people,” Schmidt said. “They have the potential to bring our greatest joy and deepest sorrow.” The book also includes her mom’s top-secret pizza recipe, sure to make people happy, according to Schmidt.

The Fire Slayers

Paula J. Braley ’15

Escape reality by entering the dark world beneath the volcanic deserts of the Levant where a child created from flesh and fire rises to lead the vanguard class of an alien society. To silence any suspicions arising from his struggle between the love for his human parents and the inescapable responsibilities to his alien brotherhood, he accepts a dangerous mission with unexpected consequences. The reader should be advised of some adult-themed content.

Hidden Disgrace: Revealing the Distress Signals Covered by North American Indian Myths

David J. Fierst ’90

Through meticulous research, Hidden Disgrace seeks to shed light on the true course of history surrounding Native Americans and dives deep beneath the explanations of Westward Expansion often criticized as being revisionist history. “My goal in writing this book was to portray Indians as people with dreams, goals and even shortcomings like all other human beings,” Fierst said.

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