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Now read/see/hear this

Jeaneen Parsons December 04, 2020

Ronan the Librarian book coverRonan the Librarian

Tara Cattie Luebbe ’96

Ronan was a mighty barbarian. He invaded. He raided. And back home, he traded. Until he finds his first book. Luebbe’s fifth book, co-written with her sister, Becky Cattie, follows Ronan’s journey as he grows from a rough-and-tumble warrior who loves loot into a rough-and-tumble reader who loves books. At first, his fellow barbarians are skeptical of his newfound passion, but in the end, even they aren’t immune to the charms of a good book. Luebbe is a self-described “picture book nerd” and previously owned a children’s toy and book store in Atlanta. Released in April, Ronan the Librarian was included on the Amazon best kid’s books of 2020 list.

Love the Way You Dance book coverLove the Way You Dance

Allison Lewis Boot ’14

To take her mind off her own struggles, little Princess Kara sets out to help other orphans in Starrycrest find forever families while learning to fully embrace the family she was adopted into. In the process, she learns that living life to the fullest means you must love the way you dance. “Disability awareness and acceptance are major themes in the book,” Boot said. “My intention was to show young readers that family is what you make it and goes beyond biology.” 

The Madoffs Among Us book coverThe Madoffs Among Us

William M. Francavilla ’72

Thirty years in the financial services industry inspired Francavilla to write a book to admonish readers to be ever vigilant of miscreants whose only goal is to steal their wealth. “I was also reminded of the many non-financial scams perpetrated on unsuspecting Americans and chose to include them in my book as well,” he said. When not writing, Francavilla speaks to groups about how to avoid scams and protect their assets.

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