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Now read/see/hear this

Gita Balakrishnan July 24, 2020

2007_readseehear_incopy2.jpgNourish Your Tribe: Empowering Parents to Grow Strong, Smart, Successful Kids

Nicole Brindisi Magryta ’96

After becoming a mother, Magryta became interested in learning how to best support a child’s growth. She began noticing the destructive nature of poor quality food and realized the need for parent education on adolescent food consumption. Her interest culminated in Nourish Your Tribe, which describes the impact food and the environment have on children’s development and long-term success. A 20-year veteran of clinical nutrition, Magryta writes, “Quality nourishment profoundly affects our well-being and is a critical ingredient to helping our children grow to their full potential biologically, physically, mentally and emotionally.”


2007_readseehear_incopy1.jpgPalliative Care: A Guide for Health Social Workers

Meagan Lyon Leimena ’03

Leimena is co-editor of this 2019 social work textbook about palliative care for health social workers. Leimena said she hopes the textbook serves as a guide to show students pursuing a degree in sociology the rich possibilities for their degrees especially in how they can apply their degrees to health and social fields.


2007_readseehear_incopy3.jpgYour Kids Will Lead: A Father’s Message of Hope

Andy Kiehl ’86

When Kiehl’s youngest son became a senior in college, he had a chance to reflect not only on raising his three kids but on the time he had spent volunteering and coaching. He writes, “The 10 years or so prior to writing the book, the world was changing rapidly, not just technology, but social media, working parents, school issues. I had conversations with hundreds of parents, all expressing the same concerns about raising their own kids. I decided that if I was thinking things that so many others were, there were probably even more with similar thoughts.” Your Kids Will Lead is a father’s message of hope that kids who are strong and confident will lead. For more information, visit www.yourkidswilllead.com.

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