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Now read/see/hear this

Alumni Contributors April 25, 2019

Yes we can: The pathway to vocations

By: Walt Thome '51

yeswecan_img.jpgDuring the past 40 years, the number of Catholic priests across the country has been in steady decline, according to research put forth by Walt Thome. Yes We Can dives into the vocation crisis in the Catholic Church and explores how some dioceses are overcoming it. The book further explores how Catholic high schools can help solve this problem facing the Church. “I want to spread the message that Catholic high school education impacts the number of priests being ordained,” Thome said. The book has formal endorsements from three bishops in the Church.


What's my name?

By: Lisa Phillips Philippart '82

whatsmyname2_img.jpgHave you ever had a dog that seemed more human than canine? Author Lisa Phillips Philippart introduces us to Shadow in her first children’s book, What’s My Name? When the “real” Shadow passed away from pancreatic cancer, Lisa whispered a promise to him that she would share his life with others from his perspective. This book is a read-to-me story, meaning the reader “talks” for Shadow. Shadow, a Golden Retriever, is anxious to find his perfect family. But there is one thing he wants more: a name!

Race and gender in modern western warfare

By: David Ulbrich '93

racegender_img.jpgDavid Ulbrich and co-author Bobby Wintermute present readers with the complexities among race, gender and war. In the first book-length text of its kind, Ulbrich surveys several case studies in Western military experiences beginning in the 19th century and going through the 20th studying war as a series of complex social interactions. “No other book blends race, gender and military history in the way we do,” Ulbrich said. Associate professor at Norwich University, Ulbrich is also the co-editor of The Routledge History of Global War and Society.