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Using Cascade

What is Cascade? What's a CMS?

Cascade is a content management system (CMS) with tools and templates for creating and updating a website. Cascade provides:

  • UD-branded web page templates
  • website structure and organization
  • publishing and unpublishing

Web Content Life Cycle

Cascade content editors can create, preview, publish, update, and remove content in a website.  The CMS houses the content. The content gets published to a web server. The web server displays the website to internet users. 

As a content editor, you decide the content (text, images, links) to publish to the web server/website. You also control the removal of content from the web server/website.


Getting Started

First, you need to get an account to access the content management system. Then, you need to get training in using Cascade and UD's templates. After that you can use this website for instructions and inspiration for presenting your information in creative, appealing and effective ways. UD's two page templates offer a palette of specialty page modules which can be mixed and matched in varying order to suit your content. Visit the Designs/Modules section to see demos of the designs and get basic instructions for putting them to use.

Logging In

Log in to Cascade at with your UD credentials.

Cascade User Guides

The user guides give you step-by-step instructions to the basics for creating web pages, managing content, and publishing. Specialty user guides are also available for Blogs, Directory and Calendar. Contact for additional help.


Need Cascade Help? Call or email the IT Service Center.