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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Secondary Navigation Option

Description: The secondary navigation provides an additional menu bar at the tops of pages. It is used for site-wide menu links that remain available to visitors throughout your site.

Displays on: All pages within the parent folder that contains the secondary navigation block.

See it in use: This website features secondary navigation.

Tip: Limit the main links to no more than 5 and keep the link text as short as possible. Each main link can have as many sub links as needed.

Secondary Navigation Set-Up

To add secondary navigation to your site, follow these steps in Cascade. Note: Secondary navigation can be added to subsites within sites. See additional instructions below.

  1. From the Add Content menu, select "Secondary Navigation" block.
  2. In the field, "XHTML/Data Definition Block Name", enter a filename for the block such as "secondary-nav-facilities".
  3. Set the placement folder to your site's _resources folder. Note: Later on, you may need to change the placement folder, depending on the parent folder where the secondary nav should begin. See instructions below.
  4. In the field, "Secondary Navigation Header", enter the name of your website with standard capitalization.
  5. Fill out the first Main Link section. Then click the green "+" (Add New Group) tool to create the additional Main Link sections.
  6. In each Main Link section, you have the option to include sublinks. Check the box, "Include Sublinks" to enable the option. Fill in sub link information as needed.
  7. Click "Save & Preview", then "Submit" to save the new block.
  8. Preview one of the pages in your site to test the secondary navigation links. 
  9. Republish your site to activate the navigation on all pages.

Secondary Navigation for Subsites

A subsite within a site, e.g. the department of music within the College's website, can have it's own secondary nav. Follow all of the steps above, then:

  1. In Cascade, from the Add Content menu, select "Folder."
  2. Name the folder "_resources"
  3. IMPORTANT: Set the placement folder as the top-level folder of the subsite where the secondary navigation should be used, e.g. College of Arts & Sciences/academics/music. 
  4. Move the secondary nav block created above to the new subsite _resources folder. The secondary nav will now be inherited by all of the pages contained within the subsite.
  5. Republish the subsite.



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