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Directory Listing Module

Directory Listing Module

Description: This module presents an alphabetical listing of profiles that share the same metadata tag for school, department, unit, or subunit. For example, you can display a listing of faculty and staff in the department of Music.

Available on: Page-Standard; Page-No-Side-Nav

The directory listing module is not compatible with Porches content.

See it in use: Department of Physical Therapy Faculty and Staff Listing

Tip: This module references separately created profiles that have properly configured metadata. See the Directory Website user guide for instructions on creating profiles with metadata.

Directory Listing Set-Up

  1. In the Module selector, choose "Directory Listing".
  2. Module Kicker: Leave blank
  3. Number of Profiles to Show per Page: Set to 10 or 15 at the most. The higher the number, the longer people have to scroll. A paginator will display at the end of the listing to view more profiles.
  4. Classification: Select all classifications that apply. At least one must be selected. 
  5. Unit: Select unit to include in the listing. If applicable, a dropdown of sub units will display. Select subunits. Note: You can include multiple units/subunits.

After saving the page, you won't see the listing of profiles. Cascade will show a placeholder for "Directory Listing Goes Here." The listing will display on the published web page.




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