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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Contact Information Block

Description: The contact information block contains basic contact information and social media links. The block can be displayed in three places:

  • Page-Standard side bar beneath the page nav
  • Page-No Side Nav mixed-content cards
  • Page-Standard and Page-No Side Nav aside module

Available on: Page-Standard; Page-No Side Nav

See it in use: Financial Aid; College of Arts and Sciences (scroll to bottom)

Contact Information Block Examples

On Page-Standard

Webpage showing contact info

On Page-No Side Nav

Webpage showing contact info

Adding Contact Information to Page-Standard

When added to a _resources folder in your site or a subfolder in your site, a contact-information block will appear on each page in that folder automatically.

Follow these steps in Cascade.

  1. From the Add Content menu, select "Folder."
  2. Name the folder "_resources".
  3. IMPORTANT: Set the placement folder to the subsite where the contact-information should be used, e.g. College of Arts & Sciences/academics/music. 
  4. In the title field, enter "Resources".
  5. Click the "Properties" tab at the top of the window.
  6. Uncheck the box, "Include when indexing".
  7. Click "Submit" to complete the creation of the _resources folder.
  8. From the Add Content menu, select "Contact Information" block.
  9. In the field, "XHTML/Data Definition Block Name", enter a filename for the block such as "contact-info-your-department".
  10. Set the placement folder to your site or subsite's _resources folder that you just created. 
  11. Fill in as much contact information as you want displayed. Uncheck any fields that you don't want to use.
  12. Click "Save & Preview", then "Submit" to save the new block.
  13. Preview one of the "Page-Standard" pages in your site to see the contact information.
  14. Republish your site to update the contact information on all affected pages.

Adding Contact Information to Page-No-Side Nav

You can display contact information on any Page-No Side Nav using the "Mixed Content" or "Aside" modules. See the Mixed Content module page and Aside module page for more information.



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