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Article Listing Module

Description: This module presents a hand-selected group of article teasers from your blog and/or University News.

Available on: Page-Standard; Page-No-Side-Nav

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Tip: The kicker is optional but recommended -- it provides a transition into the article listing and is a great way to highlight the selection of articles.

Article Listing Module Example

Selected Articles (Kicker)
President 01.11.19
Amazing and Brave

The aroma of chicken shawarma and spicy aloo gobi wafted through the Kennedy Union Ballroom as I entered to offer a personal welcome to new international students.

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Giving 04.04.19
From her UD Porch to the Front Porch Society — Emily Kaylor '13

Would you be where you are now without your University of Dayton experience? Emily Kaylor '13 knows she wouldn't. That's why she gives back to the University in ways she can, and Emily wants other young alumni to join her.

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Fine and Performing Arts 03.01.19
Performing Antiquity

A new book by a University of Dayton musicologist and dance historian spotlights the influence of a pioneering Dayton native on an ancient Greek music and dance revival in Paris during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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