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Can UDentify us?

Can UDentify us?

Staff April 01, 2024

In 1994, these Flyers took a crash course in campus life during move-in weekend — and maybe even made lifelong friends. Do you recognize anyone in this circle? Email us at magazine@udayton.edu.

Female students all lay in a circle facing each other on the grass.









In the last issue

Male student carrying a child on his shoulders in the snow.While he doesn’t remember the name of the child, Mike Hammer ’80 knows the UD students in this photo from 1976 or 1977: Barb O’Lear (left), Joe McGeady (snowflakes over face) and Joe Sullivan (center), with himself at the right wearing his ROTC Army field jacket. “Joe M., Joe S. and I were on Stuart Hall 3 East my freshman year,” Hammer writes. “We were coming back from the chapel and heading toward the parking lot behind Alumni Hall to return the kid to his parents.”

Stronger together