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Slug bug

Slug bug

Vinnie Butler '70 and Nicole L. Craw April 01, 2024

If Dayton Diary stories are the kind of stories that “only happen at UD,” then this is a story that would only happen at University Hall.

A black-and-white sketch illustration of a man wiping the top of a Volkswagen Beetle

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, University Hall was an all-male residence hall about 6 miles west of campus in a building that was formerly a veteran’s hospital. We were our own little island out there, which created an atmosphere of camaraderie and support. But it also created opportunity for some pretty good hijinks. 

The building had a big freight elevator in the back, and in the spring of 1968, my friends and I decided to pull an epic April Fool’s prank. We took the keys of my buddy Bob Moncuse ’71 to “borrow” his car — a beige Volkswagen Bug — and drove it right into the freight elevator and pushed the button for the third floor. We wanted to park it right in front of his room. 

Now this wasn’t a willy-nilly decision — it took some thought … and measurements. Luckily our foundational math courses paid off and it fit like a glove. But once we got to the third floor, we hit a snag. Apparently, our measurements were a little off on the turn out of the elevator and the VW didn’t quite make it, getting stuck in the middle of the hallway. So, we left it.  

Everyone got a kick out of the prank, even Bob, but the laughter stopped when campus security found the car. They left a big fat parking ticket on the windshield. But don’t worry, we all chipped in to help pay it.  


No trivial pursuit