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Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

Cara Gfroerer '24 February 14, 2024

The Running Man. The Twist. The Carlton. The Cha Cha Slide. Even the Dougie. Expect to see these groovy dance moves and more as the UD Miracle Dance Marathon, known as Flyerthon, celebrates 25 years of supporting Dayton-area children with its annual event March 9.

Students stand in a group holding up signs that read their fundraising amount.UD Miracle, a nonprofit student organization with over 400 student members, hosts the coveted 13-hour dance marathon each year to raise money to support Dayton Children’s Hospital patients and their families.

“I have been part of UD Miracle since my freshman year and have attended Flyerthon every year since,” said Sarah Stuckert, president of UD Miracle. “At Flyerthon, we are able to directly see and hear our impact on the hospital, as well as the families and patients”

This year the dancing marathon will be shortened to six hours in hopes of increasing attendance and participation in honor of its 25th year. In celebration of this milestone, several UD Miracle alumni are planning to return to show their support for the event.

This year, Flyerthon’s goal is $75,000, surpassing the more than $60,000 they raised last year, in hopes of regaining the traction they had before the pandemic. In 2019, the organization raised more than $75,500 for the hospital.

Proceeds are used for anything the hospital needs, including the new Behavioral Health Crisis Center, medical equipment, treatments and the Canine Co-Pilot Program — a program that brings dogs to the hospital to provide support for kids receiving care.

“I always leave Flyerthon with a full heart and a new appreciation for the work we do.”

Throughout last semester, UD Miracle hosted other fundraising events that raised more than $10,000, adding to the organization’s fundraising momentum.

“It is rewarding to see the growth in the number of people on our campus working together for a common cause,”  Stuckert said. “We get to work with great people who share similar values as us. We also get the opportunity to give back to the Dayton community, meeting amazing children along the way.”

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