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Breaking bread together

Breaking bread together

Larry Burgess September 29, 2023

The annual UD faculty-staff picnic was held this week on campus. Due to unsuitable weather conditions, the event which is normally held outdoors on Central Mall had to be moved indoors to Kennedy Union Ballroom. The change of venue did not deter hungry attendees from lining up for a buffet of traditional picnic fare. Menu items for the lunch included hot dogs and burgers with all the fixings, grilled chicken, salad, and various other picnic sides. Kennedy Union was also alive with students utilizing the Kennedy Union Crossings areas during their lunchtime break. And even outside it seemed our feathered friends, namely a hawk atop the chapel cross, knew it was time to eat. The hawk kept a close watch on its certain lunch selection. Just below the hawk was a very flustered cardinal screaming out an alarm of caution warning other animals in the vicinity to take cover, or else become lunch.

Enjoy the outdoors while you can