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A magical kingdom

A magical kingdom

Nicole L. Craw September 19, 2023

During 11 days in August, muralist Lisa Quine ’12 painted a massive, 25-foot-long mural in Albert Emanuel Hall within the Office of Recruitment and Admission. It took months of planning, researching and sketching, but Quine said it has been the most invigorating project of her career. 


“The University of Dayton is where I experienced the most growth in my life,” said Quine, who studied graphic design at UD. “I’ve been painting murals since 2017 … but this mural is so different because I’m [an alumna] painting here. This is so special.” 

The mural now greets prospective students and their families as they wait to start a walking tour of campus.

“I wanted to help build that excitement that I once experienced and share that with incoming students,” she said.

The mural features icons of campus like the chapel and the student neighborhood. But Quine was also sure to include some of campus’s smaller gems, like squirrels, tulips and the crosses on top of the lampposts.

“It helps visually give a sense of what’s magical about this place,” she said. “[It’s] what makes Dayton Dayton.”

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