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Funds for Flyers

Funds for Flyers

Zoë Hill '22 June 20, 2023

Flyer Funder, the University’s crowdfunding initiative, has stepped up to afford students, faculty and staff the opportunity to connect with the greater UD community.

Since beginning in 2016, Flyer Funder has run more than 60 campaigns raising over $275,000 collectively. In the fall 2022 semester alone, Flyer Funder brought in more than $50,000 across 14 campaigns.

One of those projects was run by sophomore Tori Read, co-chair of finance for Christmas on Campus. The organizing committee sought $2,000 for various aspects of the event, including Christmas decorations, busing and entertainment.

Kid bowling
A kid plays a game of bowling during Christmas on Campus.

“We were able to launch our page early and met our goal within 24 hours of having the Flyer Funder page go live,” Read said.

At the end of the monthlong campaign, Christmas on Campus raised $7,430 from donors across 17 states.

The reach student, faculty and staff programming has in Dayton and beyond is one of the things that makes Flyer Funder special, said Emily Baldwin ’14, director of annual giving and new donor initiatives.

Baldwin said donor projects are “a touchstone of the University that is so ingrained in our culture and identity that goes beyond just UD.”

“These dollars are being used to put experiential learning experiences in front of our students and help faculty and staff be innovative in the classroom,” Baldwin said.


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