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Where are you reading?

Where are you reading?

Nicole L. Craw November 19, 2021
Friends stand in front of a waterfall  Stephanie Carpenter ’11, Miranda Bailey Lowe ’11, Dave Lowe ’11 and Jessica Schiele Baker ’11 celebrated their own version of UD Reunion Weekend last summer in Greenville, South Carolina. Every year they hike, eat bacon and explore together, so for their 10th anniversary year, they added matching shirts. “We are so lucky Dayton brought us together — tradition never graduates!”
Miranda said.


Two friends atop a rock outcrop on a hillTodd DeBanto ’85 and Elizabeth Sams ’12 took time out from a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base-sponsored leadership class to read the magazine atop the scenic Little Round Top in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The class explored the leadership styles of opposing generals during the Battle of Gettysburg.      


five friends at the beachSeveral 1993 graduates, including Elizabeth Herndon, Diane Fitzpatrick Berti, Jennifer Schoo Snyder, Andrea Hauber Meichenbaum and Elizabeth Hahn Ellis, came together in Marco Island, Florida, to celebrate all of them turning 50 this year. 


three people stand in front of the statehouseJim Foley ’66 and his wife, Margie Huber Foley ’69, joined fellow Flyer Helen Ellis-Jauch ’95 in Austin, Texas, this spring. The Foleys, who reside in Austin, introduced Helen to her husband, Jim’s nephew, David Jauch, who acted as photographer for this shot.


men dressed as jockeys on hobby horsesWhile in St. Louis, several Flyers gathered for the wedding of Mike Carlson ’98 and his wife, Natalie, a Kentucky Derby-themed affair. Posing with the magazine and hobbyhorses are Frank Bradley ’98, Matt Beard ’98, Mark Frasier ’98, Doug Chagnon ’98, Tim Whalen ’99, John Cesa ’99 and Josh McKnight ’99.


man stands in the show in front of a groundhog signMichael “Slim” Sullivan ’81 stopped to read UD Magazine with Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. This was his third time visiting Phil.


Freinds stand around a dinner tableKathleen “Kim” Smith Ewin ’77 and her husband, Jeff, visited Cincinnati to meet up with the first friends she met at UD in August 1974. Flyers David Groene ’78, Kevin McQuaide ’78, Jim Trentman ’78 and Dave Bernens ’78 gathered together in the afternoon and then met up with Debi Clune LaFrankie ’78 and Terry LaFrankie ’77 for dinner that night.


three friends pose with UD MagazineFlyer classmates Steve Witt ’82, Dan Bockrath ’82 and Jim Krasovic ’82 reunited in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a sun-soaked week of tee shots, tacos, Tecate and tequila. The three have been friends for nearly 50 years. 


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