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Hopes and dreams

Hopes and dreams

Class of 2021 July 19, 2021

The spring sun warmed their faces — all smiles — as students finished their UD coursework and looked toward graduation. In a school year marked by uncertainty and sadness for all that was lost, what shone through was their ability to adapt, endure, succeed, thrive and celebrate. In the month before commencement, graduating seniors and law students took a moment to write out their hopes and dreams for the future — for themselves, their university, their country and our world.

Gabrielle Aguglia - Biology, Pittsburgh


Khandice Lofton
Khandice Lofton - Law, Belleville, Illinois


Cassie Roller
Cassie Roller - Marketing, Wexford, Pennsylvania


Jacob Troutwine
Jacob Troutwine - Accounting and Finance, Lewisburg, Ohio


Julie Scanlon
Julie Scanlon - Biology, Philadelphia


Kathryn Niekamp
Kat Niekamp - Graphic Design, New Bremen, Ohio


Megan Passon
Megan Passon - Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology, Monroe, Michigan 


Laura Bradley
Laura Bradley - Biology, Wexford, Pennsylvania


Brad Hall
Brad Hall - Marketing, Columbus, Ohio


Riana Bakis
Riana Bakis - Biology, Northbrook, Illinois


Emma Kain
Emma Kain - Biology, Dayton


AJ Stover
AJ Stover - Communication, Miamisburg, OH


Ashley Oavetz
Ashley Oravetz - Law, Pittsburgh


Yulianna Otero-Asmar
Yulianna Otero-Asmar - Women’s And Gender Studies And Human Rights, Dorado, Puerto Rico


Andy Pickart
Andy Pickart - Computer Information Systems, Milwaukee


Han Le
Han Le - Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Dayton


Widad Mukhar
Widad Mukhar - Psychology, Potomac, Maryland


Michael Lawless
Michael Lawless - Criminal Justice Studies, Oceanside, New York


Lena Clerici
Lena Clerici - Chemical Engineering, Mars, Pennsylvania


Michael Fields
Michael Fields - Finance and Business Economics, Fort Jennings, Ohio


McKenna Crockford
McKenna Crockford - Communication, Northfield, Illinois


Faces of faith