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Beauty abounds

Beauty abounds

Michelle Tedford December 01, 2020

During their three years in the Chaminade Scholars program, students discern their vocation. In summer of 2020, they also learned adaptation and resiliency.

When their summer pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi was canceled, the Chaminade Scholars got creative — and inspirational. The junior students transformed the book they were creating, Awakening to Beauty — originally intended as a gift to those they met along the way — into a historical piece by adding perspectives inspired by the pandemic. They paired photos with quotes that spoke to vocation, faith and perseverance. Claire Evans contributed a photo of a bee on a flower to signify the beauty of creation and this quote from John Neafsey’s A Sacred Voice is Calling: “In order to have eyes that see and ears that hear, we must also have hearts that feel.” 


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