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No Secret

No Secret

Michelle Tedford ’94 February 17, 2021
Deborah Flanagan Tobias ’73 is a champion for the school she thanks for her success.

Deborah Flanagan Tobias ’73 believes UD is the best-kept secret in the Midwest — and she’s on a mission to change that.

Woman in a yellow suit jacketLike her college-age self whose voice could be heard across the 50,000 watts of UD radio station WVUD, Tobias wants to broadcast to all alumni how their participation in UD’s next comprehensive fundraising campaign can shine a light on the greatness happening on campus — and set UD up for continued success.

As a campaign co-chair, Tobias is working with other volunteers to plan the strategy and communications that will help the University attain its goals in engagement, participation and philanthropy.

“We know what we’re good at,” she said of the University. “We know we’re good at building community. We know we’re good at building servant-leaders. Now we need to be just as good at building a financially sustainable university.”

Chris Morrison ’85, director of campaign operations, described Tobias as a longstanding volunteer and supporter who has already committed a major leadership gift to the campaign. In the midst of her second term on the board of trustees, Tobias is contributing skills honed as an executive of a multinational networking corporation.

“Deb brings a level of genuine excitement to her role as campaign co-chair, and that excitement is truly contagious,” Morrison said. “She always says yes when asked to serve and brings her gifts of leadership and a warm personality to everything she does for the benefit of the entire Flyer community.”

Tobias said generations of Flyers understand the greatness happening on campus.

“Great instruction, great degrees and an environment to thrive and grow — that’s what makes UD special,” she said.

“Great instruction, great degrees and an environment to thrive and grow — that’s what makes UD special.”

Building UD’s financial security will make possible an accessible, affordable, quality education to every qualified student — and break out of the best-kept-secret mold, she said.

“I want everyone accepted here to say, ‘Thank God, I’m going to Dayton.’”


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FIRST JOB: English teacher, Bishop Chatard High School, Indianapolis

LAST JOB: Operations director, Juniper Networks

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