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Flyer Time: 11 p.m. Stuart Field

Flyer Time: 11 p.m. Stuart Field

Lauren Durham ’22 December 23, 2019

The air is crisp. The wind whistles. Residents of nearby Stuart Hall and Virginia Kettering Hall are likely curled up in blankets.

Outside, Competitive Sports Supervisor Nicholas Rhodes is in the middle of the action. Intramural teams run up and down the field, shouting for the football. Student officials interact with the players and look to Rhodes for guidance. “It’s an awesome job,” says the junior mechanical engineering major. “You never feel like you’re working either. You talk to people, you have fun. We’re always laughing on a shift. It’s good.”

Those waiting on the sidelines beg teammates to sub-out, hoping to end the cold spell with a sprint down the field. “Picked a nice night to come out, huh?” junior Aidan Cotter says.

Someone yells “touchdown” and cheers erupt. Yes, a nice night, indeed.

photo by Lauren Maier ’23