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Talk healthy to me

Talk healthy to me

Danielle Damon '18 July 17, 2019

Health care professionals — from those who provide care to those who inform the community — must understand how to best reach their target audiences. 

healthtips_card.jpgThat’s why communication students and those from the sciences are attracted to the graduate course Health Campaigns, taught by assistant professor of communication LeeAnn Sangalang. This semester, students received more than 300 survey responses on health topics from disease screenings to personal safety. They shared with us some of the lessons they’ll be carrying into their professional lives. 

Elysse Winget ’19

“Addiction does not discriminate and can affect anyone and everyone. It is important to craft careful messages regarding opioid usage and to be empathetic toward others’ experiences to help them receive the best possible care.” 

Emma Venetis ’18

“People generally have emotional reactions to health topics. Determine what those are and how you can address or utilize them when sharing a health-related message.”

Lauren Vanderhorst ’18

“People don’t like going out of their way to receive new information. Meet them where they are at and bring the information to them. If you can slip information into things they are already viewing and or experiencing, that is a great way to subtly inform an audience.”

Franchesca Hackworth ’20

“Individuals with mental illness are not dangerous; they are people just as everyone else. It is important that they feel it is safe to come forward and get help without fear of judgment.”